Games run at 30% speed on high end pc
I have a MSI gtx 1070, i7-6700k cpu, 16gb of corsair ram, and msi z170a motherboard. I'm using PCSX2 version 1.4.0. I'm trying to play games from my cd-rom and whenever I get to the parts where I play the game the speed decreases to something like 30% or 35% which is completely unplayable. I've looked up so many tutorials and just can't figure out how to fix it.

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Rip your disks to isos:
Get the latest git(1.5):

And use openGl.
On that pc you can play almost anything at a constant full speed with no changes to the settings
Did you change something and yes,playing from the disk can lower your speed by a lot but not when you just stand in one place with nothing new to be loaded
I downloaded the 1.56 version and burned the disk to iso but now the game looks bad and the controller isn't working very well. The settings are all at default
What do you mean by "controller isn't working very well"
And the default settings are not intended for HD graphics,you you want better quality,you have to change the settings(the scaling modes in GSdx as a start but don't choose the highest just because you have "high end pc",there is no point of above 3x or 4x depending on the screen size(I barely see a difference between 3x and 4x on a 24inch monitor but the cpu\gpu load between 3x and 4x is huge)

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