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Ok first off new to the forums because i just recently replaced my 3 year old computer with a gaming computer that could actually handle PS2 emulation (WOOT). I don't need any help because everything I have tried so far has worked great (or good, a little lag here and there is to be expected from emulation of any kind).

This brings me to the point of the post though, specifically to people with moderately powerful machines or people who have been using this software long enough to know or tell a difference.

Does it seems as if this works better with the actual game disks (which is what i have been using) or isos on the computers hard drive? I am just curious because i know i could rip the games onto my hard drive but i really dont see a point if they are just as good or better on their original disks.

Anyway I read the posts above and searched the forums and couldn't find this so i though it would be an interesting topic Smile

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use ISO; its faster and quieter.
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(09-08-2011, 10:03 AM)cottonvibes Wrote: use ISO; its faster and quieter.

what he said Tongue dvd access (from a drive) is inherently slow and unfortunately, due to the way it's designed, emulation needs to pause for this access, making frame rates choppy or frozen all together depending on what's happening in your dvd drive.

ISO reading is pretty much instant and has no real access times or chances of "scratches", so they are generally much better for emulation.
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Yeah. Each time you go to another area or something like this, the game loads and it access the optical drive. You can easily compare the speed when you open a local disk and when you open an optical drive.

I can see no reason to use the physical media except for... when I want my PC to behave exactly like a PS2. Nonetheless, there is still difference: the disc spins continuously on the PS2, but on PC, it only spins when the game loads. Try it and see Smile.
Iv got over 150 PS2 Games that I Play Randomly from the Drive, and I don't have any Problem
Use your disc if you don't mind the gradual worn over time.
(09-08-2011, 11:00 AM)tuanming Wrote: Use your disc if you don't mind the gradual worn over time.

See really i was just going to continue using the disks until i thought about this ^. Looks like i am investing in another drive to hold isos lol
nonesense, I Still have my Sonic CD which I kept for 18 Years and it Still Works to this day, unless DVDs are less secure then CDs
hey according to your theory the DVD driver suppose to explode Excl just joking Tongue

It is all about your DVD driver

cheap quick fix to copy important data not recommended

a respective driver from respective brand not totally recommended but much better ( i prefer Asus in terms of DVD driver )
I rather use a Samsung DVD-Drive Smileand Indeed for me I rather use an Image over an original disc Smile Though I can fix my damaged discs (If they're repairable) here at the local Video Rental. For only 3,50 Euro's Smile

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