Poll: Which version of Free McBoot should I get loaded onto the PS2 Memory Card to dump the BIOS?
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Get FMCB V1.966.
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Get FMCB V1.953.
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It does not matter which one you use.
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Neither version will work, use another method.
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Getting ready to setup PCSX2 but need some advice about FMCB

If I'm using a memory card loaded with "FMCB" Free McBoot to dump the PS2 BIOS for use with PCSX2, does it matter if FMCB is V1.966 or V1.953?

I'm looking to purchase the equipment and those are the two options I have found.

The source of the BIOS file will either be an old big black PS2 with a broken disc reader or one of two silver slim PS2s I have stored away.



I've never used PCSX2 before and my technical experience level isn't that high. However the idea of being able to play some of my old PS2 collection is interesting enough that I've decided to make the attempt.

From what I'm reading to get PCSX2 setup I need the BIOS file from a physical PlayStation 2. Fortunately I have an old big black model (Although with a broken disc reader) and two silver slim models.

At the moment I can't provide the exact model for any of the consoles as they are currently in storage and I'll hopefully be digging them out later this week.

To dump the BIOS I've seen it recommended to use a PS2 memory card loaded with a program called "FMCB" Free McBoot.

Although I do not have the equipment to install that program on a memory card I do know where I can in theory purchase one of these memory cards with the program already installed into it.

The person selling these cards is offering two version of it. One with FMCB V1.966 and the other with FMCB V1.953.

Which leaves me with these questions:
Does it matter which one I try to use and what size should the memory card be to be able to dump the BIOS?

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FMCB version doesn't matter
What you need from FMCB is the ability to run the duper which can be also done even without installing FMCB
If you have a way to run the FMCB installer,then you can run the bios dumper instead

You are dumping the bios into usb flash drive
Thank you for the information, as version doesn't matter I'll purchase the cheaper of the two which is V1.953 at the moment.

My understanding is that the FMCB method can be done without a functional disc reader on the console, is there another method I can use to dump the BIOS of my old black PS2 which would be better than using FMCB?

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