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I hope me posting in this thread doesn't become a habit Wacko

To get to the Git builds page, you have to go to Download > Git, which brings up a blue and white table with all the builds on it, and a "Download!" link for each one. Clicking on "Download!" will take you to another page with a black table, where you can actually download what you want. Wouldn't it be better to just have Download > Git link straight to the page with the black table and get rid of this page entirely?

The help given on the white page is usually ignored by the noobs, who often just ask "which one do I download?" during troubleshooting, anyway.

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Oh I see what you mean. I prefer this way since hotlinking there immediately could scare people off, thinking they clicked the wrong thing. This way the transition is smoother.
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As bosit i would say the pcsx2-git page is needed.

I think the black orphis page isn't really needed.
Maybe hotlinking to the build download and a general link to the orphis mainpage would be better.

But maybe that would be worse for orphis.
I can't hotlink because the bot creates the links based on some kind of hash. And as you said, orphis pays the bill with the ads he has on the build bot which is free of charge so I wouldn't do that
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How about using iframe?
Hm that's not a bad solution (although looks a bit crappy) but a black BG on white would suck a lot. Maybe I can talk to orphis to change it for the PCSX2 buildbot page
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Hmm yes,forgot about that...I change the background color with stylish long time ago
I think typically adblocker block iframes pointing to different servers. Not sure how iframes work for mobile browsers.

This is how it looks like:
I'm not too worried about how mobile browsers work with our download page TBH. I'm sure there are a few weird instances of people downloading that way but not many.
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Ehm. That's true. It was just a reflex. But indeed mobile market is completely irrelevant.

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