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God of War running in slow motion in PCSX2 ver 1.6.0
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]I am new to using pcsx2 or any kind of emulating software[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]When I try to god of war it runs fine on the menu and cut scenes but as soon as gameplay starts everything is in slow motion[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]CPU: Intel Core i5 8265U[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]BIOS: Europe v2.00[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]GS Plugin: GSdx32-AVX2[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Windows 10 64bit[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Ram: 12gb[/font]
[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Is it as simple as my laptop just being a potato and it's not powerful enough?[/font]

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A good enough cpu(make sure you are not running on battery)and weak gpu
The gpu is tanking your speed

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