Gran Turismo 3 Save Game Not Found
hey guys,

brief issue, i've just decided to give this emulator a shot and while it works flawlessly so far, i've ran into an issue with a savegame that i've downloaded from gamefaq not being recognised ingame.

i've used mymc, i've formatted the memory card, i've created a new memory card, i've tried multiple different files, to no avail.

i'm running a USA bios if that matters, and i'm trying to load a sharkport 2 save file.


edit: forgot to mention that the file shows up in the bios and in-game, however it seems to not be compatible as it doesn't read correctly, and i can't load it.

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That would mean the save is for a different version of the game
When you run the game,in the console window titlebar,you will see the name the game id and the region
The save you downloaded must have been PAL. Look for a save that's for NTSC-U. I think codetwinks have a save for the U.S. version.
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