Gran Turismo 4 PAL Version Save File
I have a GT4 save file from Gamefaqs that I want to put into my memory card. Mymc DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. I want to do it WITHOUT Mymc.
Is there any way?

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Which save to you want
(08-11-2019, 10:55 AM)vsub Wrote: Which save to you want
it's for the PAL version. the one with all black cars and 100% completion
100% complete. Day 2129, 257 cars avaliable in garage, all special black cars purchased. NO cheats used. Game ID: SCES 51719

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.rar   Mcd001.rar (Size: 1,5 MB / Downloads: 9.447)
Hi i download %100 Gran Turismo 4 save game file but i can't get it because my mymc is can't opening. can anyone help me? Sad
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