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Gran Turismo 4 pnach woes
First off I'd like to say hello to my fellow PS2 enthusiasts! It's cool to find a place of like minded individuals here. I've done my fair share of retro gaming for awhile now, and it's nice to see that the scene is still very much alive.

Okay, so to my issue. I'm having an issue trying to activate codes via PCSX2's built in cheat engine, but only for this game in particular. I've successfully modified a couple of my other games using the pnach method with no issue. However, it seems like Gran Turismo 4 (SCUS-97328, CRC 0x77E61C8A) just doesn't want to work. I've created a pnach file identical to one of my successful endeavors, and tried using multiple different sets of codes from all around the web with no avail. It seems like none of the codes want to work with it, including max cash, all gold license, etc. I've double checked my codes and editing in OmniConvert, but even using ready made RAW codes doesn't seem to work. I've also tried to put the pnach in both my documents and my main PCSX2 Cheats folder with no luck. Also tried creating a new save game and using an old save game. 

Can someone give me a little direction here as I'm pulling my hair out trying to get this rogue game to behave correctly. Thanks in advance!

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Post the codes in their original form
Are you sure they are for your version of the game?
So far, this is most of the variations of the codes I've used:

I "believe" it's the correct version, but I could be wrong.
Try those
Devrypt them using codebreaker v7
Converted it as Codebreaker V7+ to Raw on OmniConvert, created a pnach for the file (dug a bit on the site to find the Enable Code) and set it in the My Documents slot. PCSX2 shows that it found the codes and loaded them in, however it appears as if it didn't change anything. Here's the pnach:


//Max Cash

I've seen some people exchange the phrase "word" for "extended". Tried both with no luck. PCSX2 has the "Enable Cheats" option selected. I've also tried to decrypt and enter a "Max Days" cheat just to see if it would trigger anything within the game (if the money cheat wasn't correct) but nothing changed.

Another strange occurence is that now some of my games that were confirmed to work with the built in cheat engine no longer work now with cheats enabled. Either they hang at the initial boot screen, or it crashes the program itself. I'm wondering if maybe this has something to do with PCSX2 itself.
First of all, you don't need the master code. Secondly, for the Max Cash cheats, here are the ones I use. They always work for me.

// Max Credits
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