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Graphical Bugs :/
But at all others who are playin persona3 it works without these bugs

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they could be using a differet version, or different plugins to make it "perfect" or they could be lieing. that's up to you to decide if you believe them or not, but as I said, play with settings, see what you can come up with, if it works well enough for you, don't worry about what anyone else says about it.
I tried all and no they are using the same as everybody.. gsdx!
i look to the img and i dont see any problem

the poligons might be because you using native resolution , the shaking was already explained ( interlaced )

you dont say what version of the emu you using , what plugins and their version , whats the pc you using ( the specs ) and what version of the game it is ( pal or ntsc ) , a screenshot of the plugins and from the console running to show the crc would help


Persona 3 FES NTSC version

using gsdx dx10 ( internal res 1440x900 ) no need to change interlaced mode , just the ocasional floor terrain bug
CPU - [PHENOM 9950 BE 3.0 GHZ | GFX - [Evga 260GTX]
OS - [Vista 64 Business] | RAM - [4GB Gskill 1066Mhz]
So my Persona 3 is actually looking really good and i fixed everything, except that polygon bug..
heres a screen of my plugins and gsdx settings:

And my specs: Intel Core┬▓Duo E6850 @2x 3,0ghz ; Nvidia GeForce 9600GT @512mb DDR3 ; 2GB DDR3 Ram @1333MhZ

Btw: Im using Persona 3, NOT Persona FES, maybe that is making a difference?
Nobody gots advice? :[

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