Graphics and CPU usage
I was wondering if there was a way to force the PCSX2 to use more of a cpu and gpu when its playing a game. Example, FF12 I get 60 fps and I use 99-100% EE and GS is 20-30% max in open world but when in shops I get 60% GS and 20%ish EE. is there a way to make it more balanced or to force it to use more because it doesn't speed up when disabling speed limiter when it should be able to go faster.

also I only use the first 3 check box speed hacks and have the GS set to DX10 with native on.

my Specs
intel Dual core E5400 overclocked to 3700
ram: 2gb
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 210

speed isn't a problem I just wonder about these things also I'm using the latest version.

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When any of cpu threads(EE/GS or the new VU in svn versions) are reaching 100% you're being cpu limited and turning off framelimiter, or using turbo will not really speed the game up for you. If none of those reaches 100% you can be still limited by your gpu(yes GS% actually shows GS thread on your cpu and has not much to do with gpu load), and you probably are considering it's low end, old GF, meaning no more speed for you and the cause looking at OC cpu is clearly your gpu:].

Considering your problem description through if I understood it right I have no clue why anyone would like to speed the game during the shop menus, it just makes selecting stuff harder. Unless you ment it generally and wish for more speed when the game lags and EE/GS% is low, but that I explained is caused by weak gpu, especially considering FFXII can be graphically demanding game(especially during all those flashy attacks, or in the city with lots of people).

Edit: oh and in case you just ment that you wish to see EE/GS load high all the time, you wish for a bad thing, as long as you're playing full fps, and the game doesn't lag, you shouldn't really care at all about your cpu load, unless you want to save energy, but then you wish to keep EE/GS threads as low as possible, not opposite;P.
I thought that higher GS or EE meant that the game would be faster. Also I have full speed no lag execpt in the shop menu but its not that much.

Thanks for explaining

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