[Guide] Creating widescreen patches in less than 10 steps.
I tried to make this guide as noob-friendly as possible. If you're interested in the specifics of how everything works, you can read through the thread where the quest for widescreen patches originally started. I did not come up with this creative method of patching the games! This wouldn't be possible without helpful and talented people like Asmodean, xstyla, miseru99, and hyakki.

Before reading further, download and install Cheat Engine! And please note that this will only correct the aspect ratio of real-time 3D graphics. Things such as prerendered backgrounds, 2D art, FMVs, menus, etc. will still be stretched.

1. In PCSX2, open your game of choice and load an area with 3D graphics where not much is going on. Create a savestate, making sure cheats are disabled.

2. In Cheat Engine, click on the upper-left icon with a PC on it and select pcsx2.exe from the list. Choose to Open.

3. Under Memory Scan Options, choose to start at 20200000 and end at 21FFFFFF.

The value is what you need to change in order to make the game render a wider area. Sadly there's no magic value for every game. Each one is different, and to make matters trickier you can find over 100,000 identical values when maybe one of them controls the rendering window.

4. In my experience the most commonly used value for this purpose is 3F800000, so let's start with that. Make sure you checked the box beside Hex, set Scan Type to Exact Value, and set Value Type to 4 Bytes.

5. Click First Scan, then reset the game and click Next Scan during the company logos.

6. Reload your savestate and move all remaining values from search box to editing box.

7. Select all in editing box, double-click on the dark blue 4 Bytes and convert to Float.

8. Select a portion of the values to batch edit - maybe a quarter, maybe all - then double-click on the dark blue 1. Set the new value as 0.75.

9. A few things can happen here:

The entire game world is deformed or the screen is solid black/red/etc.
Reload your savestate to reset the values and focus on the range you just edited. Keep narrowing it down until you find the address you're looking for! If it's not there after all, move on.

Note: When you find it, make sure to type/write down the the address, the original value, and the widescreen-updated value. You'll need only the address and updated value (converted to hex) in order to create the widescreen pnach. To convert float to hex, there are pages like this one. For pnach creation, there's PCSX2CE.

PCSX2 crashed.
Restart it and reattach Cheat Engine to it. It will ask if you want to keep the current address list; choose yes. This time don't edit so many values at once; try to avoid the one that caused the crash.

Nothing happened.
Just move on the next batch of values to edit.

If you've edited every instance of this particular value and still don't have 16:9 then it's time to start a new scan with another value. This value could be really low (decimals range) or really high (hundreds range). So we're going to search for a range of values to speed things up.

For Scan Type, select "Value between..." and for Value Type select "Float." Some good ranges to search are 0.250~0.999, 1.001~1.800, and 440.0~640.0. Follow the same procedures as outlined above. The main difference is the widescreen value you'll have to use. Here's the equation to get proper proportions, thanks to miseru:

If it's a width-based value, multiply by 0.75 to get 16:9 widescreen. If height-based, multiply by 1.333. For 16:10, it's .833 and 1.2 respectfully.

Keep in mind that not all games are patchable via Cheat Engine. For such problematic games there have been recent developments leading to a new patching method which uses some of the same principles and applies them to the game's executable (ELF) file. Read on through the original thread for more info, or if you have any questions, tips, and patches to share. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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beautiful TuT, it'll help me, and many others get off the ground+^_^+ what value would i have to set to get FF-XII to 16:10? since it has a 16:9 option in the menus (my screen is 16:9 but i have a friend who has a 16:10 screen)+^_^+
EDIT: gonna repost this on the other thread, so you don't have to answer here+^_^+
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good job !Laugh
..maybe next time... too busy to do this now... (I wanna do a video tribute for my favourite car racing game Tongue)
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great guide!
i will try to make some patches myself and share them with you guys if they are good.
GJ with the guide mate.
Hope you guys are successful in patching your fav games~ I've updated the main post with 3 tips from the helpful miseru99. The last one should answer your question Chik Smile
Thanks!!! I've got Persona 4 PAL in widescreen (except the menu\2d elements) now, just...I don't know how to make a patch...any suggestions?

nvm. I think I figure it out. Thanks again for the tutorial!!
Bump for... well... just bump!!+^_^+
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Just plain awesome
Will try it later with FFX

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