HD Remakes
Hey guys.

What I've been wondering about is that on PS3; some games are 1080p and some 720p so i just put that down to how demanding the games are.

But recently the Metal Gear Solid HD collection was released in the US and Japan but soon here in Europe too, but I noticed only in 720p.

What I don't get is that with all the power of the PS3, not to mention they are not emulating the games since they've been ported to suit PS3 hardware why can't they rather easily pull off 1080p?

Since they are of course ps2-level graphics bar two things: improved resolution(that which is in question) and improved texture resolution. As far as I'm aware there is not more polygons or particles etc etc.

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They usually also improved the texture, redrawn, like on Ico and SoTC http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digita...collection , Konami probably think they can get away with just 720p.
It just seems it would be rather easy for the ps3 to pull off 1080p on these games, even with improved textures =\.
It would cost them money to make higher res redrawn texture, not whether it would play on ps3 or not.
This is what I think--since blu-ray disc can be either single (25GB) or dual layer (50GB) so obviously the 50GB disc cost more. A normal single layer ps2 game disc can range anywhere from 600MB (Tekken Tag) up to 4.3xGB and dual layer disc can be anywhere from 5GB to 7.x GB. As you know, ps2 games are in 480p resolution and if you scale it up to 720p on the ps3, the size of the game can be near double the original size of the ps2 game.

Most HD remakes comes with at least 2 games and let say those games are originally dual layered (5-7GB) now upscale that to 720 and with that said, it can easily get near the 25GB limit on the single layer blu-ray disc. To save cost, companies or publishers preferred to save money and get away with 720p instead of up-scaling the game(s) to 1080p with at least 2 or more games on the 50GB disc.
I did have a hunch that's what it could be ;_; .
From what I know most data on a game are usually from voices and CG. FYI, snake eater, which looks far better than sons of liberty, is only dvd-5 sized, which if compressed can be down to about 3.4GB.
Most PS2 games use single layer discs.

I think the biggest difficulty is optimizing the engine to run on the PS3.
The PS3 actually has a lot of trouble putting out 1080p in *any* game.
The GPU is basically a mid range Geforce 7800 design, remember?
Trouble means they could do it if they want, but will probably cost more money than what it's worth. Tongue2

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