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Having trouble with a pnach
is this the correct section of the forum to ask for some help with a pnach or would i need to post this in another section? if so, let me know, it not, here is my problem:
trying to create a pnach for dot.hack part 3. I have converted a code and turned it into a pnach which gives me max money, problem is, my character is invisible (but his weapons are not) but i still get the money. I will attach the file to here, if someone notices what i did wrong, please let me know. I have changed the first number of the code to a 0, it did start with 2 and i changed extended with word as well. I have tried changing things around and the same thing happens.

Attached Files
.pnach   0001171A.pnach (Size: 71 bytes / Downloads: 154)

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as said here :
no support for downloaded games.
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