Hi, everyone.... I don't know where to seek help, but...

Anyway, straight to the point. I've tried to play PS2 games using the emulator, but it seemed that there's some error going on (the background picture is... cut half (?) and there's some vertical black bar) + it lags.

[Image: errorPS2.jpg]

[Image: errorPS2_2.jpg]

[Image: errorPS2_1.jpg]

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Start by trying the latest beta and beta plugins, then show us your PC specs and pcsx2/plugin settings so we can help better.

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Yes, but you should tell us your machine specs.
The vertical bars are due to scaling issues, you can try 1080x1080 and see if the corrects the issue to that game.

The first screen tells the memory is unformatted so you need to do this step, it's the same as in the console, boot the Bios without any image or disc and follow the on screen instructions in Browse.

The low FPS indicates you'll need to use some speed hacks. That's the reason telling us both, the machine specs and plugins configuration, will help you.
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