Help !! O_o
7 - 10

3 Hours Of Hard Work And Searches And Triyng

But The Fail Was The Only Fate I faced

Iam Trying To import Save Files To Pcsx2 0.9.7

but I Failed

I sEarched And Tried Almost Every Thing

so If Any One Can Help I'll be

So Gratefull

Please Help Me Out Smile

Help Me Find A way To Import Save Files To Pcsx 2 0.9.7

Mainly I tried 2 ways

but i failed

1- The Code Breaker But The USB Wasn't Readable By The Code Breaker
I tried 3 Plugins For USBs

Maybe some plugin is corrupted

so if you know some working and tested plugin that enable the code breaker to read the USB It Will Be Great And Awesome

2- The Elf (boot.elf)

In This Topic

But It Didn't Work

For Couple Of Reasons I Think

1- This way Is Designed For PCSx2 0.9.6

2- It's Too long And Diffcult

So please
Help Me Find A way To Import Save Files To Pcsx 2 0.9.7

I want A Working And Tested Way please

Second Proplem .....

I Want Gsdx 1650 To Run Mortal Kombat Armageddon In playaple mode

Can Anyone Give Me A link To Download That PLUGIN Of Gsdx

Thank You All Of Your Great Efforts

And This Great Achivements

Thanks Again

Please Help ME


Thanks Treble

Thanks For The last Time

Please Help Me

Sorry For The Long Topic


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About the save...use mymc or make request here

thanks DUDE

You Did To Me A Great Favor

The Program Seems Usefull And Simple

I'll let You know what Happend WiTh Me

Thanks Again


The Sec Proplem


Can Any one Give Me A lin To download

Gsdx 1650 Smile

Thanks Again My friend

The Sec Proplem

Link To Download Gsdx 1650

I searched A lot ...

Thanks All you Again

And Special Thanks To You

Check your mail(I didn't see PM in your profile)

You Are ... Just Legend

Thanks A lot

The Program worked 100 %

I don't Know How To Thank You

And Thanks For The Plugin ...


The Plugin Didn't Work

I didn't See it In The Plugin Selector

Maybe It's due my Computer Parts

My Machine Is

Core 2 duo

2 GB Ram DDR 2 2.2 GHz


Is Nvidia 1 GB

8600 Gs ....

the plugin didn't show up

maybe it's cuz my computer abilities

Core 2 duo

2 GB Ram DDR 2 2.2 GHz


Is Nvidia 1 GB

8600 Gs ....

any help Smile

Direct X 11

Windows 7 32 bit
It's because

this version

of GSdx that I give you

requires msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll

which are part of
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64)

Install the x86 or x64 depending of what windows are you using(x32(x86) or x64(x64))

It also requires w32pthreads but I don't know which one exactly
Thanks It Worked

I Installed That Thing A lot of Times

But I don't know Why It Worked Now

Thanks A lot

You Are Legend

proplem solved

Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Didn't Work in playable mode With me


Any Other Ideas .............
I didn't install that w32pthreads

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