Help for Shadow of the colossus
Maybe, and again maybe it's just your settings. There are currently 3 different graphics plugins available; GSdx, ZeroGS & ZZ Ogl, and each has a lot of different settings that could really change the way the image gets displayed, even to such an extent that it looks better then on the real PS2 console. If you want to learn more, PM me, so we don't waste space and time of other members on the forums by using this thread.

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I tryed more configurations and theese are the results:
Using the directx 9 software, the graphic bugs disappear, but it goes too slow;
In the CPU settings, disabling MTGS the speed increase by 4-5 fps (!?). Finally, the best performance I can get is on 12-19 fps.
Thanks for the help, but I just can't run it on this computer.
Bye! Tongue

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