Help please :)
Hey guys

Whenever I try to start a game with PCSX2, the game wont launch so it brings me to the title screen or whatever its called :s

[Image: sadasdasdx.jpg]

So I try to press "x" at the disc icon but the game wont launch.

How do I fix this? Smile

It happens to all of my games, so it is not just one of my games that has an error :s

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Try using Boot CDVD (fast). And provide more info pcsx2 version/plugins/settings.
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Er... You could run a game in this thread :
but can't do it again ?
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Just found the problem Tongue2

Apparantly I was using a european Bios and the game is NTSC so have switched Bios now and it works Smile

Answer to jesalvein:

The thread I made there was because my screen didnt work properly, not because the game wouldn't run Smile

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