Help please
Okay, so I'm new to the PS2 emulator scene, and I need some help. When I try to play Madden 07, everything runs fine, getting about 150% until I get into the game itself, like the action part lol. It goes down to about 60%. Could someone tell me what are the best configurations I can use for my PCSX2 emulator?
A6-3670k APU 2.7 (o.c'd to about 3.1 most of the time. Runs PC games perfectly)
Saphire HD Radeon 7770 GHz edition (overclocked to 1100 MHz)
650W psu
Hudson D3 mobo
16 gb Vegnaence RAM 1600 MHz (2 x 8)
PCI wifi card

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(07-21-2012, 10:23 PM)burrow900 Wrote: bumpp

Some steps to take...

-Update to the latest svn (can be found here:
-Update your drivers (if there is a beta download available try it).
I have the latest drivers, like I said, big PC gamer. But thank you, I'll try this and let you know if it works.
Ok we'll be here ^_^
AMD APU performance is kinda bad in PCSX2. You can always update your driver and PCSX2, but don't expect it much.

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Yea that apu is so bad that even my regor is almost at the same lvl(pcsx2 performance)......
I really don't get it though, because it runs great when running any other PC game. Like, I can max out Skyrim with all the new texture packs along with about 70 mods, and it runs perfectly at 60 fps.

And I am using a dedicated Graphics card. the HD 7770
keep in mind that emulation is different from native pc games.
I know, it just doesn't make sense, I should be able to play an emulated game with 60 fps. Btw, I just downloaded more RAM, will that help? (that's a joke btw)

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