Help with FFX framerate
I am EXTREMELY untechsavvy so I'm in dire need of help.

I browsed forums and google, to no avail, for assistance as to why my framerate is dropping so heavily.

I'm getting a EE of 85+ constantly (usually close to 100 and I read that that affects it).

Using Psx2 version 1.0.0

Computer specs (just copying what the computer gave me, so I apologize if it's in an unusual format.) :

Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-3400 APU with Radeon HD graphics (4 cpus) 1.4 GHz
6.2GB Ram
Page file: 2.914 used, 8.305 available
Direct x11

If I need to provide anything else, please let me know and any help would be appreciated greatly!

Edit: should I provide screenshots of the emulator's settings? I'm 99% sure they're all defaulted.

Edit 2: If you are going to explain something, please do it step by step, or I will get confused easily. Lol.

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Go to Config->Video (GS)->Plugin Settings and there check Original PS2 resolution - 'native', press OK.
Go to Config->Emulation Settings->Speedhacks and check the MTVU (multi-threaded microVU1) speed hack, press ok

Nothing else you can do, your CPU is extremely slow for PCSX2 so most probably you will never get full speed with it
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Hm.. I see.

Can you explain to me why that is?

I'm more curious than anything.
1,4 Ghz is not enough for PS2 emulation, we recommend something around 3,4 Ghz. I think that's clear enough Tongue
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Ahhh ok. Like I said, I'm about as unknowledgable as it gets, so yea.

Thank you though. Smile
Bosit wasn't it recommended to have atleast a quadcore @ 3 ghz?? Not sure if the requirements went up in the last few builds.
Well it's not set in stone, I think a dual core at around 3,3 - 3,4 should do well, A quad core at 3 might perform close to the previous, but as we all know it highly depends on the processor architecture too. An Athlon x2 at 3,3 Ghz VS an i5 at 3,3 Ghz is a day and night difference Tongue
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True, but that's only cause the instruction sets of Intel are being used above those from AMD Wink
No that was not my point at all, another example: An Athlon X2 at 3,3 Ghz VS a Phenom II at 3,3 Ghz (even on dual core mode). The Phenom II will blow the Athlon away, while having the same instruction sets.
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Use k10stat and overclock to 2.3ghz.

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