Help with PCSX2 video recording
Hello, first off I want to say I'm a total newbie when it comes to video making, so if the mistake is stupid, don't bite my head off. Anyway, I've tried the recording feature, and I can produce 2 files, the wav, which works easily in Windows Media Player, and what I assume to be the video file, but the type of file is just called file, and won't run in Media Player or Center. Is it the program I use, or do I need to compress it. I left it uncompress because I wasn't sure about what to compress it in. Finally, pressing the F12 at the end once won't end it, I need to press it few times. Is there a certain number of times I need to press. Thanks in Advance.

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I had the same issue, but it seems others can play it so it looks like a system codec problem. Opening it in a program like Virtualdub and compressing it with some codec should do the trick.
The key problem is known it usually takes about 2-3 times for it to register
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Hmmm O.K. I downloaded virtualdub, shot a new video, compressed with the Intel IYUV codec, nothing. The wav. file didn't work either. Do you think it could be anything else?

I will repeat this again and again, download VLC Player. If the file doesn't open with VLC Player, chances are that it is corrupted.
VLC Player is free, light, and plays almost every format there is out there. It's always being updated too.

Did you try using some other codec other than IYUV in Virtual Dub?
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I just tried on pcsx2-r3596 with the newest official beta plugins and I used gsdx,spu2-x.
Both the uncompressed video and wav worked fine on any player that I tried(including Windows Media Player)
save it umcompressed and see if it works. I've been using uncompressed with no issues, I just have to re-encode it after I capture it

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