Help with getting LAN set up through Evolve
Hey all,

A friend and I have been trying to use a game's in-built lan feature through Evolve.
We got the Dev9ghz plugin and managed to use the Network Adapter Start-Up disk to connect through our usual network adaptors (not the Evolve network adapter).
I tried following a few guides, both written and video guides including the following:

...and a few others.
Everything seems to work fine except the network adapter setup. Others seem to just select their network adapter and then let the NAD auto setup their connection but this has never worked for me. Instead, I've been manually entering all my internet settings. The issue with this is that I'm not able to get the default gateway or DNS server address for the Evolve adapter.

The second guide linked above mentions using WinDip to patch the NAD, however, attempting to "Verify Version" results in an error:
ERROR: The Image File is not DN*S enabled or uses an unsupported version!; Perhaps this is related?

Would there be any way to either get the network automatically set up or a way to get the default gateway and DNS server addresses for Evolve?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Nevermind, I worked it out.

In case anyone ever gets stuck with the same issue, when setting the manual IP on the network access disk, set it to your Evolve IP (which should be 10.XXX.XX.X),
set the subnet mask to, set the default gateway to 10.XXX.XX.1, where the other X's are the same as your Evolve IP. For the primary and secondary DNS, set them to be the same as what you see for the DNS for your default internet adapter.

The process should be similar for hamachi and tunggle as well.

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