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Help with my PCSX2/Direct X
Hey, so I recently got PCSX2 playground I have the newest one, 658 and i have GSDx 0.1.14. The problem is whenever i wanna run a game, it tells me i have to upgrade Direct X, so i do. i've tried every upgrade pack and dxwebsetup. what do i have to do D:< btw, i hear people talking about compiling their PCSX2, what's all that about? sorry if im a nub >_<

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Donwload DX Redistributable Kit Nov2008.
also you could try the OGL plugins. but for DX you need to install the distro kit, even with vista (it annoys me so that it's supposed to be INCLUDED and it's not)
I did already get that Nov2008 thing, maybe i installed it in the wrong place? o_o
Vista? Did your GFX card have DX10 support?
the 8 series + has dx10, lower ones don't.
I checked my DXDiag, and it says I have Direct X 10 o_O yet my PCSX2 still tells me to upgrade
What graphics card do you have?
yes im an uber noob, how do i check >_<
don't even know your own computer? That's quite sad.. check DISPLAY on msinfo32 (start > run> "msinfo32" vista: Start "msinfo32" in the search box)

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