How do I update my current PCSX2 to the latest dev build?
Should I just extract the dev build to my installation folder or should I delete everything and hope the important stuff will remain? What's the correct procedure? I'm running version 1.4.0 on Windows, installed via Chocolatey

Thank you

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The betas are working in portable mode,which means pcsx2 load memory cards from the main directory
The installer version loads them from Documents\PCSX2

If you just replace all(you have to delete the portable.ini file after that),pcsx2 will work the same was as if you installed the beta but with one problem
The betas are far newer than 1.4.0 and the save states from 1.4.0 will not work on 1.5.0 so it's best to save your progress to the memory card before upgrading

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