How do i change from french to english?
i changed the language on my pcsx2 to english and the game sounds are all english, but the games UI, the menu, everything i have to click on to make any kind of action is in french... now my french is fuzzy, and i can make out most of what i'm doing in the very beginning of the game.. but i wont be able to when i actually have abilities to choose from, i wont be able to tell them apart... the game is Final Fantasy 10... please someone help me out! thanks!

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make sure you have to right language set in the ps2 BIOS? Smile
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To check that, just change your CD plugin to CDVDnull and using the Run>Execute option. That should let you run just the BIOS of the PS2 and you can reconfigure your language and time settings.
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just use Run->execute, that should put it in english (providing your bios is set to english as above)
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I'm unable to change the language of PAL games I own, if the game is in french, it must mean the the game itself is a french game (which is odd..)

quick edit: can you post the SL*S number (including the SLES/slus/slas part)?

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