How do i edit the resolution lower than 256x256?
I have been wanting for some time now to challenge myself by setting the resolution lower that what is allowed by the "Custom" resolution option, however i have not found a way to do so. So i am asking the PCSX2 Forum for some help / suggestions. (don't ask why I want res that low, i just do, ok?

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You can achieve this by editing GSdx.ini

If you're using the 1.4.0 installer version, it is probably located in C:\Users\[username]\Documents\PCSX2\inis_1.4.0\
If you're using the portable version, it should be located in the \inis\ subfolder.

Find the lines:

resx = 1024
resy = 1024

...and change as desired.

Note: accessing the GSdx plugin settings while PCSX2 is running may reset the resolution to 256x256.
I guess some games will encounter even more issues than custom resolution normally causes, but it doesn't sound like you're worried about that Tongue

Ratchet & Clank at 128x128
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It can go as low as 4x4. A while ago I started a 32x32 resolution playthrough of Sly 2. I haven't finished it because it's so hard!
Looking at the screenshot,the game looks really blurry
I wonder what will happen if you use one of those no interlacing codes that is removing that blur

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