How does framliting work?
My turbo is at 200%, I press F4, and it barely does anything, how do I make it go faster?, I want to level up faster

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Your CPU needs to be able to handle those framerates too. What are your specs?
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One could try frameskip under turbo. But as suggested by Ryudo... tell us your specs.
Additionally what are your EE% GS% and FPS readings during normal speed and during turbo?
My EE and VE are both at 3, my base and turbo are at 200% and my slow motion is at 70%, my specs are ; proccesser:AMD a4-3420 apu w/ Radeon hd graphics (2 CPUs) 2.8GHz, memory: 4096mb ram, directx 11
Think of it like this
Disabling the frame limit will run the game as fast as possible
Using turbo mode(set to 200%)will limit the speed to 200%.So if by disabling the fps limit you can get more than 200% speed,the turbo mode will limit it to the percentage you set.

This is not some option that will make a game to run at 200% if you can't even reach 100%
For example,on most games I can get 300% and above but I want the game to not run faster than twice the normal speed(200%)
I tried disabling it, I barely notice a difference, would you like video proof?
Your CPU is too slow and also your speedhacks are too high. Best play on your PS2 until you can get a faster PC. Sorry.
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You should first of all disable vu cycle stealing and put ee cycle rate either to one or two.
Then report back how much fps you achieved using no framelimiter.
Proof,what proof,who actually doubted you?
Like I said Turbo\Slow are just limiters for the disabled fps limit...they don't give you more speed in any way

For example,if by removing the fps limit you can get up to 80fps max,then using turbo at 200% will act the same ways as removing the fps limit.And if by removing the fps limit you can get 130fps on NTSC game,then using turbo at 200% will not allow the game to run at above 120fps(even if you can get more speed)
about 25 fps, it's really not working

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