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How pnach files work
Simply PCSX2 cannot find that pnach file. Wherer have you kept the File. It must be under cheats folder where you have pcsx2.exe.

Check the pnach file. Also check whether if it named pnach.txt.

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Now I'm sure myself.. I've created the cheats, found the "cheats" folder, and I'm ready to go all out!!
The fun part is just begin for me!! Mwahahaha... Laugh
Again, many thanks...
Also it's recommended to install PCSX2 somewhere else then Program Files, there's a Permission bug in Windows 7 that sometimes it can have issues with having it installed in Program Files Smile
. . . . . . What?
Permission bug? Like, 'blah blah blah you need permission to install this blah blah blah' that?

Man, I just clicked 'Yes/Continue/Proceed' . . . .

Something bad will happen, right?

PS: I just too lazy too point out every details myself.. Guess I'll encounter another silly mistakes... Sad
no permission bug, more like that sometimes with some games, the emulator have issues. Just install it to C:\ or into your documents or even better on to a seperate partition Smile
Gosh, that was a close call.. I installed the emulator in My Documents..
But the notification did pop out, and I chose 'Yes'.. Still running smooth here and there, and I hope it will last forever.. Tongue
Thanks for your advice..

PS: being troublesome sometimes drives me mad, but I'm happy because I can take someone's good advices... just like this.. Mwahahah.. Smile
that's why this forum is for Wink and it never can do any harm to try out stuff. For Example what I always do with my harddrive is making a partition of 60 Gigs for windows/programs and the rest of the harddrive for drivers, games, program installs, music, pictures etc. etc. so when I need to do a reinstall of windows I won't lose my drivers and other stuff Smile
Uh huh, that's great!

BTW, another newb question..

I tried installing older version of pcsx (0.9.6) and it ran smooth.. But I only have 1 game (yeah, that Monster Hunter game), and I didn't want to restart whole quests. So I just copied the memcard from 0.9.8 to 0.9.6 ..

The question is, will it works as well in the older version? I dunno a thing or two about shifting the memcard among emulator will affect the machine..
Yes, the memory card will work fine.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks again! Laugh *thumbs up*Laugh

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