How to completely exit PCSX2 on ALT+F4 while in game? [SOLVED]
Hi, I've seen some threads about exiting pcsx2 but couldn't find a solution which is the most commonsensical to me: simply to exit PCSX2 and all processes associated with it on ALT+F4.

I use PCSX2 in conjunction with Emulationstation, and while all other emulators allow me to make a seamless couch experience with gamepad, PCSX2 makes me move to keyboard and I think it doesn't even exit fully sometimes. (some child processes still shown in task manager).

Any advice on how to tame it and bind full exit to ALT+F4?

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[Edit] Nevermind that solution I had posted here doesn't seem to work.
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here's a screenshot of the option

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Add --nogui command line to the path which is pointing pcsx2.exe in Emulationstation(I've never used Emulationstation)
Edit:What the...Alt+F4 does nothing while pcsx2 game window is active
Edit2Wackowitch the keyboard api to directinput and it will work
(04-23-2015, 05:20 PM)vsub Wrote: Edit2Wackowitch the keyboard api to directinput and it will work

This was it. Now my woes are gone. --nogui was already set btw.
Thank you all for your input.

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