How to improve your FPS (Mainy for lagging games)
Alright here is how you do:
Evil voice:
1. before you turn on the game go to emulation settings
2.GO the GS icon click on it
3.You the "disable Frame limiter" check the box and click apply on the bottom right corner.(

Good voice: But why -__-.

Evil voice: BECAUSE!!! with the limiter off the FPS WILL be high as hell!!! (depending on you computer)
5. go to config. then Video(GS) and then plugin settings.
6. choose Direct 3d9 or 11 software.

Good Voice: but it may cause lagging.

Evil Voice: THAT WHAT WE WANNNNT to slow down the game a little. As for speedhacks put it default......(FOR NOW....)

7. next TURN. ON. THE GAME. If the FPS is still to high then forget everything i just said and put software on and fumble around with the hacks if not (see step eight -evil laugh-)
Good voice: what's step-
Evil voice: SHUT UP!!!

8.If it slow down good to speedhacks and put 2 for both options and check on everything but the enable speed cd and MTVU (unless you have a quad core or something not to sure on that......ANYWAY and have fun.

Good voice:Bye XD
Evil voice: SHUT. UP. DX

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Using software mode just to slow down the that's just stupid from any angle
Doing that if you have "lagging" in hardware mode,you will have even more "lagging" in software mode.

This will also increase the CPU load and heat
I don't get it... you disabled the frame limiter (which caps you to NTSC/PAL max) and enabled software mode... how does that help?
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Pure insanity...

I think I should close this...

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