I can't use cheats on KH2 since r1329
Somethings happen between r1329-r1352 and this problem still exist in the newest beta.
When I try to use cheat(it doesn't matter if it's one that I create or take from somewhere) I always get an error message:
(EE) Bus Error,addr=0x5033fe60[store]
If I start the game without cheats and after that add some manually,the cheat is working and the emu isn't crashing(even if I use the same cheats).The problem appear ONLY if I try to start the game with "Enable Patches" enabled.

When I try on r1329 and older there's no problem at all.

Edit:I forgot to add that the speedhacks are disabled and everything is on default

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where's the "enable patches" button exactly?
(10-08-2009, 11:42 PM)callmesuspect Wrote: where's the "enable patches" button exactly?

It's not button,its menu(Misc=>Enable Patches)

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