I had a "tlb miss" problem
when i played <Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne> by pcsx2 1.0, i met a problem. in the diet buliding,there is boss named Samael. when Samael use "god's curse"skill to my team, my emulator would be down, and log would say "tlb miss" & "unknown vifcmd"...
is there any guy met the same question? or just something wrong with my ISO?
sorry for my pidgin english.

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well AFAIK TLB miss errors are because of corrupted ISOs

care to redump them using the program Imgburn ...
Not only,they come from cheats too
(08-18-2012, 07:38 PM)vsub Wrote: Not only,they come from cheats too

yeah but he didn't say he used cheats ( because the boss would be dead faster than hitting the skill Laugh )
Bad effects from cheats can also be save to the memory card
i can ensure you he didn't use cheats .... OK Laugh
some games do that like Spyro Enter the dragonfly, nobody knows what exactly what the problem is

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