I have Kingdom Hearts 2, now how do I configure?
I'm soooo new to the emulation scene. Especially for PS2. But my PC has met the requirements, (I think) for the new build. Anyway, here are my specs:

2.20 GHz Intel Celeron 900 CPU
3.00 GB RAM
DirectX 11
Intel Mobile Chipset Family 4 Video Card ( with 1309 Video RAM )

It's a laptop, and store bought, which I know is really bad. But still, I'm sure it can get the job done hopefully?

Anyway, please someone message me or reply to this topic if they had already setup their Kingdom Hearts 2 on their PCSX2.



I have read the requirements.
I have the original game disc.

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Quote:Will work, but very slowly, possible problems:
Intel Celeron (any P3 and above series)

Quote:Won't work (or very unlikely to) - Maybe possible with GSDX Software Mode (V. Slow):
Most onboard graphics cards (excluding the GeForce 61X0 series and 5200 Go)

So I'm afraid not. Integrated graphics are awful for pretty much everything, and your CPU is nowhere near fast enough either.
You'll get around 10 - 15 fps with this laptop. Unplayable.

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