I need a heads-up
I need a bit of a heads-up.

I need to know what a good dual-core processor/graphics card/whatever to play PCSX2 at around 30-40fps with default settings. I can't play PCSX2 at ALL, because my computer is too slow.

My computer, however, is actually very good aside from having a crappy processor/graphics card/whatever.

My specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon™ II X2 260 Processor 3.20GHz
Installed Memory RAM: 4.00GB (3.75GB usable)
System Type: 64-Bit Operating System

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium

I need something that is under $200. If there seriously isn't any option under $200 I'd except something a little bit over. Of course, that would be a LAST resort.

Again, I would like to run PCSX2 at 30-40fps with normal settings. I bet there's some really obvious answer to my problem but because I'm new to PC gaming (and honestly had no idea what a processor was until this point) I'd like a little help.

And to whoever ends up giving me the answer (if I end up getting any sort of decent response) THANK YOU A TON.

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A good processor for under $200 wouldn't be hard, but a good GPU under that may be a little difficult... my old HD5870 ran like a champ, but they are hard to find.
What games are you wish to play on this? PCSX2 requirements depend heavily on games you wish to play;]. If we would divide ps2 games ran on pcsx2 based on their requirements, the biggest group would be the mid one, and the most and least demanding combined wouldn't probably even be half of that group.;]

If your games are from the mid and light group you don't need much of change.
AII=PII for pcsx2, which is fastest architecture cpu you can get from AMD now;]. Only bad is yours have just 2 cores, if you could unlock(it should be a standard for most mobos, but has different names;P, and not all cpu's unlock working cores if any) at least one more core it could be huge difference in some games, but for many games dual core AII above 3ghz is enough already. Generally you would need - for a scenario fitting 200$:

-decent GPU(around 100$, with DX10 or better and possibly ddr5 memory, avoid pre dx10 gpu's, but don't buy the latest ones either as the performance gain will not be proportional to price change;P), - this would give you most speed gain considering you probably doesn't have anything now but integrated useless crap which additionally eats up your RAM as not even having enough of own dedicated memory;],

-decent PSU(to avoid explosions as you probably have a crappy one in current set;], any PSU with "bronze 80+" certificate should be good enough 500W should be safe, unless you really put more money in gpu, as they draw the most;] anyway 50$ should be ok for that), don't even connect new gpu before getting good psu if yours is bad now;],

-It's worth mentioning that if you DID unlocked core or two successfully in your AII, then buy it a proper cooling as amd box cooling for x2 will not support x3 or x4 too nicely(it'll be like a starting jet engine, just constantly;]). When failing to unlock even 1 stable core of your athlon II, then exchange that to AII/PII x3 or x4 maybe even with slightly higher default clocks, probably 50$ or a bit more at max anyway;P, probably much cheaper second hand like always with amd cpu's.

If you wish to play the games from the demanding group, you can forget about AMD completely, and multiply that 200$ limit, couse you'll at most buy just one thing needing completely new set of expensive stuff when upgrading to intel. @_@
Pentium G860 @ 3 Ghz ($83)
ATI Radeon HD 7750 ($110)

The above mentioned combo is good enough for the majority of games. The bad news is that your motherboard does not support socket LGA1155 for the Pentium G860. Dunno if there is any better CPU for your current motherboard. Mellow

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