I need help understanding how to chea in PCSX2
Hi all,

First timer here. I thought I'd register and ask you guys for help on how to cheat in PCSX2. I read the Cheat Engine tutorial thread and can't make any sense of it because I'm no good at doing that kind of stuff.

Right now I'm trying to find out how to make and use cheats for Drakan, specifically infinite health, infinite gold to buy ultra-expensive weapons and magic, infinite durability on weapons and armor so you never have them break on you, and infinite skill points so I can allocate them to max melee / ranged / magic at 8 each (you can only get about 12 or so skill points total per game, and I want to be able to play around with any weapon and magic at my heart's desire). One problem is that enemies don't respawn in Drakan so gold income and exp gaining is rather limited, unlike most RPG's where you can fight as many monsters as you want for as much gold you need to buy whatever you need at any time.

Anyways, I am using Cheat Engine 6.2 and PCSX2 0.9.8, r4600. I can't seem to find any cheat searcher or patch option or anything of that sort in my version of PCSX2 that I downloaded off the official site. It also seems that Cheat Engine isn't finding the values I need for Drakan, like the HP and gold. I tried the "put in 100 for HP, then get hit by baddies a few times, do next scan, narrow down addresses" and so on. It doesn't work. I did the same thing with gold. "exact value = 70" (for current total of 70 gold) then next scan when my gold gets up to 110 and I put in "exact value = 110". No results showed up on scans.

Can someone help me with a step-by-step tutorial? I have never used any cheat searcher before, and the only experience with codes that I have is putting them in Gameshark / Pro Action Replay on other emulators like ZSNES (SNES), NESten (NES), Project 64 (N64), VBA (Virtual Boy Advance), and epsxe / PEC (PS 1). All I do is take the codes from websites then put them into the cheat devices or plug-ins for these emulators. That's it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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By what I could tell it was all reasoning, logic, and deductive skills that were needed for using it.

I have all of the above but am void of patience so I kinda got fed up with it even though I was making successful codes.

I think you kind of either have it or you don't with this. Follow the cheat engine tutorial if you don't understand.

Use CodeBreaker 10 if you want easy codes (it's a PS2 DVD). If you don't already have it though, you'll need to buy it somewhere.

You can find codes pretty easily for CodeBreaker 10 by googling them. Keep in mind the CB10 is quite US-Exclusive. You can add more games perhaps (not sure though), and you can definitely add new cheats.
I have Gameshark CD for PS2, but when I used it on the PS2 machine, it needed a special Gameshark memory card in addition to the CD to operate the cheats. This pretty much negates the use of my Gameshark CD for PCSX2. Does Codebreaker 10 operate the same way, or is it a simple "Slap in the CD and cheat away" type?

One problem with Drakan is that it doesn't display HP totals like in other RPG's or FPS games. The HP bar is a red orb, and the lower your HP gets, the orb empties out. So 100 HP is just a guesstimate. For all I know, Drakan's HP could be counted as 50 or 100 or 200, I have no clue.
The second tutorial in Cheat Engine explains how to guess health bars I'm pretty sure.

The way Code Breaker 10 works is that you run the disc, you choose (or create) the codes you want (there are a good range of pre-made codes), and then you swap the discs with the game you want to play.

After doing so, save the game and you should have permanent cheats enabled (until you reverse them via CB10 or other cheat software). If you don't, you'll have to repeat the process again.

If you do this, I recommend that you use the Gigaherz CDVD plugin because I'm pretty sure that it's the only one that can swap discs (change the disc or iso it's reading without restarting the emulation) very well (I always use Gigaherz).

I also suggest that you rip your games into ISOs for performance reasons - but that's optional. You can use ImgBurn to do so (most recommended by the PCSX2 community), but there's also Gizmo.
Looks like the game uses some calculation method so normal "search for what you see" won't work on this game
I'm not understanding the in-program Cheat Engine tutorial at all. I do the following:

I go to the tutorial, open it, and then it tells me to open a file. I do so under "Open File".

1. Opened the file Tutorial-x86_64.exe in the Cheat Engine folder as the tutorial asks in the first step.
2. I go to the 100 health tutorial (2nd tutorial page) with the "Hit me".
3. I put in 100 as exact value. I also put it as 2 bytes.
4. I hit first scan.
5. A long list of hexadecimal stuff pops up in the address / value section.
6. I click "Hit Me!" button and the health goes from 100 to 99.
7. I put in "99" as exact value and do "Next Scan"
8. The address / value list goes blank. Nothing pops up.

I then tried "Open process" and opened "000001c0-Tutorial-i386.exe".

1. I hit next in the tutorial.
2. I put in the exact value of 100 and set search as 4 bytes.
3. I hit First Scan.
4. I get an error saying "No readable memory found"

What am I doing wrong? This is why I'm frustrated with trying to understand Cheat Engine. The tutorial doesn't explain what I'm doing wrong.

Is there any easier freeware program to use than Cheat Engine? Or is there any good FAQ / troubleshooter / person willing to walk me through the process?
I don't know how easier will be but I use ArtMoney(I also have MHS(Memory Hacking System)which have tons of extras but it's more for advanced users)).

As for your problem...I find the address with no problems at all.

1.Choose the tutorial process

2.Go on the tutorial to step 2 and search with CE for
Scan type: Exact Value

Value Type: byte(it says in the tutorial 2 bytes but you must know the difference...in two bytes mode,you are searching for address that uses two bytes(two addresses)).If the value you are searching for is between 0-255 and never exceed 255,the value type is byte.If the value you are searching for going to exceed 255 but not 65535,the value type is 2 bytes and finally,if the value is exceeding 65535,the value type is 4 bytes(the value don't exceed 4294967295)

Value: 100(if the value is saying 100),don't enable the Hex check box and hit the New Search

3.Click on hit me button of the tutorial and type the new value in CE and hit Next Scan(here I immediately find the address)

4.When you find the address,double click on it to add it to the list
I made it through the tutorial up to part 6 with pointer stuff.

I decided to give it a try with Drakan. I picked up the PCSX2 process, then had Rynn (the main chick) walk up to a bunch of enemies, and I save stated before combat. I initated First Scan using "unknown initial value" with 1 byte selected, then I let the enemy hit Rynn once. I paused the game, initated "next scan" with decreasing value selected. I do this several times, around 10 times. I eventually find an address and value of around 20, with about 12 - 15 other addresses / values of 12. I figure the "20" value is the HP.

I double click and add that address / value to the bottom section of Cheat Engine. I activate it by checking the box, and changed the value to 80 to see if I get 80 HP. I went back to the game to test it, and the red HP orb turned white, and the HP continued to drop as the monsters kept hitting me. Apparently the code didn't work and it didn't give me a constant 80 HP. All it did was change the color of the orb to white, which is what it normally does when I get hit. Normally it flashes white s I get hit, then returns to its red color.

Any suggestions or ideas?
As I said,the game uses a calculation method and unless you figure what it is,searching for codes is pointless.

Tell me how exactly do you think this value 3914543742(E953327E)mean 999999999 or this 1939524933(739ACD45) mean 0 or this 1939533893(739AF045) mean 61

I would say that this game is not the best choice to understand how finding cheats works
After trying to find out gold amounts by putting in an exact initial number (8) then "increasing value" and I did next scan every time I picked up a bag of gold. After about 10 - 12 bags of gold, I narrowed it down to about 15 different addresses. The kicker is, their values constantly shift. One second the value is 100, then next second, its 23847, then next second its 18, then the next second it's 63, and so on. This happens for all 15 addresses. So I couldn't find the code for gold, so it seems like Cheat Engine won't work for Drakan.

Luckily, this game has an in-game cheat system but that requires a combo of button presses. I can't seem to make it work. The first part of the code requires me to press L1, R2, L2, and then R1 in that order, and hold down these buttons as I press them. So at the end, I hold all 4 buttons down. Then input the second half of the cheat which varies. For invincibility, it's X, Down, Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Square, and then Left. If I want to add $10,000 I have to press the following sequence: Circle, Square, Right, Left, X, Triangle, Down, then Up.

When trying to do this in PCSX2, nothing happens. I don't think PCSX2's Lilypad PAD plug-in allows for buttom combos. I did a bit of checking, and found TwinPads, but I can't get it to work. It keeps saying "Can't open Combos file" no matter what I do, even though I put everything in the correct folders and have the correct files set up (ini's and .dll and .exe).

I'm still left with the issue of not being able to have infinite durability on weapons + armors, and infinite skill points, something that the in-game cheats don't offer. Normally the durability wouldn't bug me, but in this game, every time you repair the item, it loses max durability until it becomes useless. In other RPG's that utilize durability, you can repair to full durability without its max durability reducing. For those who don't play Drakan, some weapons require certain point thresholds to be usable. You'd have to have a 8 in melee to use ALL the melee weapons in the game, or 8 in ranged for same thing with bows. You also have the magic stat, and 8 magic allows you to use any spell in the game. Only catch is, you only get 12 skill points in the entire game, which means you can only max out 1 stat, and mid-to-high in a second stat, meaning you can't ever use all the best stuff for 2 or all 3 categories in a play-thru. I have played this game many times on my actual PS2 in the past, but this time through I want to have access to every spell, every bow, and every sword / melee weapon in the game on one character.

Anyways, mini-story aside, I wish there was a way to address the button combinations to activate the in-game cheats, and some sort of codes or hacking to give myself stat points and indestructible durability gear. If using Cheat Engine to find cheats in-game is impossible, would hacking save states be the solution? If so, how can I hack the save states I make in Drakan to give skill points and gear?

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