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I need your help.
Some games(they are not many)are using the same data for saving but just renaming the save folder and the save to the correct name for the version of the game.

Upload your save/memory card here and I'll rename the save.
The game will either load the save,won't be able to load it or the game may freeze when you try to load the save.

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I think we re very close to the solution.I borrowed my friends game.I had to start from the beginning,but all i wanted to know is if the cheats work.I made a pnach file with the infinite health code,from the codes you converted for me ith the 2nd post.Guess what.They hit me,but my health remains intact!!!I guess that the rest of the codes must work well too.But if i could just use the save from tthe PAL version...I tried uploading the memory file with add attachment,but it says that the type is not supported....

Thank you
Do you mean post 4 or post 22?
And about the memory card...archive it into rar/zip first and then try again
Post 4,the infinite health code works,i tested only that.I ll add the money as well,and if it works too,those two are all i need.

I hope you can figure out which save is from the pal and which from the newest ntsc.I just had three different saves for the pal,hope that s not a problem.

Thank you

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.rar   Mcd001.rar (Size: 2,52 MB / Downloads: 38)
Here,if it's not working then there is nothing you can have to start the game from the beginning if you want to play it with cheats

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.rar   Mcd001.rar (Size: 2,51 MB / Downloads: 54)
Thank you,i ll try it and tell you.Something i ve noticed.While in pal version,when i click save game,it lets me to save four different saves,in ntsc it has four agan,but lets me save only the first.The others say''unsufficient space''.What can i do for that???It s the only game i ve played,i haven t created too many saves...

Thank you
Doesn t work...With the new memory file,both versions have no save...I guess i ll use my previous memory file and start over...

Thank you
Can you help me with this one now???In the fot you see that it says insufficient space,for the three slots,whilst it lets me one free to save.It s the ntsc game,i borrowed from my friend last night.In the pal version all slots were free...Why does itt say that there s no space,since they re the only games i ve played????

Thank you

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This game requires a lot of free space in the memory card for every save slot...I think it's ~1.5mb.
So if you are using a card that have enough free space only for one save slot,it's normal that you have this problem.

Do one or those:
1.Delete some saves of the memory card(from pcsx2 menu CDVD=>No Disk and then System=>Boot CDVD (full) to go to the memory cards and delete some saves)
2.Use the program mymc to open your memory card and delete some saves
3.Create a new card from Config=>Memory Cards
Is it possibe to create new card,copy the save from my current memory to the new one,and use that card for the game???

Thank you

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