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ISO Image
I created the ISO image for Need for speed Most Wanted. I think I got all the bios and Plugins and what not installed right and the emu running properly. When I try to run the game however, I can not find the ISO through my desktop where I put it. So I tried to drag and drop it to the emu. Then I get a message that reads file not found Path: ISO Files System. any help please?

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i don't know if the emulator will support UIF format. re-rip it to standard ISO file, i would recommend using
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UIF = Audio CD format

re-convert your game disk using imgburn to ISO

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(07-08-2012, 05:23 PM)tallbender Wrote: UIF = Audio CD format

wrong actually

Quote:Universal Image Format(UIF) is a powerful compression image file format for backuping CD/DVD.
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Also try not to show your warez to people on random forums...
I reconverted the file, now it reads that the file is too big. I got this from an actual game disk.
By "reconverted" do you mean that you convert the UIF image to BIN with UltraISO or something similar(I've never had any success in anything related to PCSX2\PS2 with UltraISO).

As refraction suggested,place the game disk in your drive and create image(ISO)of it by using the program(the link)he posted
I use MagicISO, but yes. the first file was UIF cause I was not paying attention. The new one is BIN/CUE.
Try ImgBurn
I am not sure how to use imgburn. when I try to add the project, it wants me to open each indivual folder. how do i get around that

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