Ico Cutscene Freezes
So I started playing this again and love it on PCSX2, Frame Limiter off makes running around and climbing objects Fly by! It runs superbly except for these rare, event-specific freezes that stop on one frame and leave a 4 second audio loop (As it doesn't really impede the over all game performance, this is a low priority issue).

From my experience, it freezes at these points:

-The opening scene just after the elevator, the one villager opening the door with the electric sword seems to stop - leaving you sitting there waiting for it to never open

-Unlocking either of the two Giant Front gate doors using the big satellite ray thingy, all the special effects seem to show just fine until that wall of light shows up like this > (Door-freeze)

-The scene before Fighting the Shadowy Queen - she blows you away and your electric sword falls to the ground, just a moment later, freeze

Luckily I can just skip these sequences and go about the game just fine, but as I haven't played it for so long, I'd appreciate every bit of the game (I had NO Idea there was a secret weapon!).

Game Fixes don't affect it and I can only use GSdx 3068 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.16 [gsdx-sse2]. GSdx 890 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.14 crashes on game startup, and all others aren't supported by my cpu. I attempted a plugin named ZeroGS, but froze all the same.

Just thought I should point this out, as I can find no threads about Ico or similar effect-triggered freezes.

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Try with the latest beta and leave the settings at default, should work fine by default:
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Oh, I forgot to mention what version I'm running didn't I.

Nevertheless, this has solved the glitch. I've yet to change any of the visual settings of the plugin to my liking, hopefully it doesn't magically trigger it to return. Now to move all my saves to the new version (I mostly used saved states <SADFACE> ).

Would you know why, in multiple games, it sometimes doesn't detect any memory card?

*I sort of liked the previous icon from pcsx2-0.9.7 r3113
(02-14-2011, 02:52 AM)Woldu Wrote: Would you know why, in multiple games, it sometimes doesn't detect any memory card?

If you are using 32mb cards, this is common, many games didnt like them. Make sure you use 8mb cards, also make sure you go in to the BIOS and format them first.
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Indeed, I am using 8mb Memory cards. I, however, forgot to mention that I am Loading States and trying to save to mem card (for transfer). I have already discovered the "Auto-eject memorycards when Loading savestates" option, and am now trouble-free.

Thanks for the tip though!

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