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Image formats / types
Is there any difference between image formats (i.e. ISO, BIN/CUE, UIF, etc...)? I've been making ISOs without any problems until Star Ocean 3. The ISO give the generic Win7 "Program stopped responding" message, and the BIN/CUE had a unique reaction with my pc up (taskbar and desktop icons disappeared), leading to a lengthy reboot... Is there any chance the image format affects playability? I had that with my psx games and ePSXe.

For instance, Ehergiez would only work as BIN/CUE for me. Also, my FF8 disc 1 WILL NEVER give a rip that will get past the opening video. Would that be the case? Just something wrong with the disc?

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First it is impossible for a file to do things to your PC like make the desktop icons disappear, especially a file you create yourself. You probably caught some virus or something got broken in your windows installation. All formats should be the same. Maybe the game is a dual layer one and your image making program doesn't handle it?
I recommend using imgburn to create your ISOs
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Disc 1 is only coming out as 4.3gb. That's not DL, right? I'm using MagicISO, BTW. Will try imgburn if you think it's the most reliable.

With all due respect, it apparently is possible. Mounted the cue with Daemon, went to play with PCSX2 and the screen went black for a bit. Alt+Ctrl+Del, came back to the desktop, no taskbar or icons, no PCSX2 in task manager but my gadgets were still there. I had to restart via alt+ctrl+del. I very highly doubt I have an infected PC, I just got this rig from Newegg. That, and I usually go months, and sometimes, over a year without even coming close to infection. I'm not a complete noob, just learning still. Smile
Oh it figures then. Why are you doing all this? We have a plugin for reading ISO files directly. No mounting or anything. That's what causes your crashes.
You didn't mention all that happened AFTER PCSX2 froze. Icons disappearing is probably explorer.exe crashing, which happens when an unresponsive program fails.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
1.Use ImgBurn(I've encounter a posts before here and on different forums about problems with PS2 games and the images are created with MagicISO)
2.You don't need to mount the image to play it.Just select Linuzappz ISO for CDVD plugin and select the ISO with it(or leave the ISO location as empty and this way every time you try to start a game from File=>Run CD\DVD,it will ask which image to load)
3.Or you can use the newest beta r1888 which has build in ISO loader(File=>Run ISO image)
Using Gigaherz at first, your right. Tried Linuz ISO CDVD 0.8.0 now but the same thing (with the ISO). Compress or uncompress help me, maybe? I am using the version you refered to somewhere in the forums (with plugins from Dec 30 2009). Everything else is default, basically (native, cause "pretty" graphics don't matter to me, just clean(er) Smile)

EDIT: Will try Imgburn
I'm so confused lol.

I prefer Linux programs for making disc images, they seem to come out best when I use Brasero or K3b or something.

Plus those programs come fully featured and are freeware, they work great.

Windows programs like MagicISO and whatever feel totally bloated in comparison, not to mention they often require online purchase or even subscription to use fully.
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Yeah if Linuz ISO fails the image is bad, remake it with imgburn and it will probably work
curryking1: Well that's exactly what imgburn is, totally free,powerful and not bloated at all. Works really nicely Wink
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ah, very interesting, thanks for the information Smile
Check out my snazzy Youtube channel, with many great PCSX2 emulation videos! Laugh Laugh
btw since you have problems with Start Ocean 3,did you enable the Gamefix for tri-ace games(VU Add Hack - Special fix for Tri-Ace games)?

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