In-Game Control Issue
Hi, i subscribed to pcxs2 forums because i have a problem with my favourite ps2 game of all time and i really want to fix it but i dont know how....... the game is called Lets Make A Soccer Team and i have my PS3 controller configured and set up and it works perfectly with everything except one thing which is a major problem, If i try to change players positions in the tactics menu before a game it wont scroll to the left or right properly, therefore not allowing me to select the majority of my team lineup. Any help would be appreciated thanks

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Its a know problem....
Thank you sir
Humm,try to putt Pokopon r124 plugin in your plugins folder on the pcsx2 folder.

Edit-Because this plugin already fixed 3 games with pads problems.
i got it working from that thread you linked to me by putting clamp to full, im sooooooooooooooo happy i love this game you have made my day, il install pokopon plugin if i encounter any more problems but for now i wont because this is working and im paranoid messing with settings more will break it, thank you very much Laugh
Have a nice play. Happy

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