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Invalid: [Bug Report] God of war 2 [PAL]
Yes. Obviously SSE4.A is not SSE4.1, given the name is different and all.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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thank u. after i skip some save point i able to save the game. and now when i try to load the game it telling loading forever. what might be the problem?
You have tons of hacks enabled. These cause problems, just like the dozens of warnings tell you.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
how to disable hack? where is hack option?
but no hack enabled plz help....

[Image: rhr0pj.jpg]
here is a screenshot what i get after loading from save state. first i get black screen but if i restart last checkoint graphics are like this...

[Image: 10xbvba.jpg]
God of War does not work very well in 0.9.6... You should use some of the latest snapshots instead...
I think some r2500 and later... It works like a charm now...
what is latest snapshot? and how to backup save state???
I am using 0.9.7 r3113, playing GoW2 and after the first save point when I hit yes, the game just freezes with the logo in the background. The game only plays at about 25% without speed hacks on, so i play with them on until right up until the save point then i close the game, turn them off and load it again. I only press escape. Would it work if i use save states?

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