Invalid: Does GSdx\PCSX2 save screenshots with transparency\alpha channel
If I try to open a screenshot with XnView(while the option "Ignore Alpha" or I use "Image=>Remove alpha channel" after that)all screenshots have grey layer either over the whole image or only on some elements.

This happens only in DX9\11 Hardware mode
This is how the screenshot look like in XnView without alpha removed

Edit:No idea how I ended up posting here...I meant to post in "General Discussion and Support" or in the GSdx thread

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Can you post the original too, just in case? I'm pretty sure removing alpha is NOT supposed to do that..
Removing alpha makes it look correct.
If you open the file with some program that don't support alpha or is not displaying it by default,the image will look correct.

If it's going to be bmp+alpha,why not make it png+alpha.The bmp image always take a lot more space than compressed png

It's in archive because the forum don't allow me to post big images.

PS.Just to be clear about this,I'm not talking about the "Alpha" option in GSdx but the alpha channel in the bmp image

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The image is actually perfectly fine for me and removing the alpha channel or re-saving did not cause any issues whatsoever. My bet is that XnView is doing something retarded when removing the alpha layer and messes it up.
Looks fine for me as well...
What do I need to do to get those gray boxes?
I simply start a game and create a screenshot(GSdx in dx9/11 hw mode)and open it in XnView

I tried XnView v2.25 and v2.11 and even tried to delete all of the settings but the end result is,I always get those gray things over the image if the alpha channel is also loaded\not removed.

If I remove the alpha channel and make the image 32bit again,those gray things don't appear.
If I save the image without removing the alpha channel to some other extension than bmp,the saved image will permanently be damaged.

My other question is,why do we need to save a screenshot which contains transparency?
Can you try if it is solved using irfanview? There is even some portable version so you don't need to install it.
In irfanview the image is displayed correctly but I've seen it multiple times over the years that that program is not working very well with images that contains transparency\alpha
xnview or irfanview? Looks to me like xnview is doing something wrong...

actually normal bitmap (v3) doesn't support alpha channels..
(01-25-2015, 04:03 PM)willkuer Wrote: xnview or irfanview? Looks to me like xnview is doing something wrong...

actually normal bitmap (v3) doesn't support alpha channels..

Even if this v3 bitmap is what pcsx2 uses, then that means that XnView is trying to remove a bogus alpha channel and thus ruins it. In any case i'm quite convinced at this point it's not a pcsx2 issue Tongue

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