Invalid: Problem with PCSX 0.9.8
I am running Ubuntu 10.10, have a legit BIOS, and recently upgraded from 0.9.7 to 0.9.8 today. I can no longer play, I keep getting a weird start-up when I try (attempted to take some screen shots but they did not work) with the PS2 symbol being off colours. I try to alter the ZZ Ogl PG 0.3.0 graphics driver but to no avail, I think it is the BIOS but am not completely certain. I know my hardware is capable of running PCSX2 as I was using it just this morning, so it was something with the update. Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated, thank you for your time.

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Well... since there is no version 0.9.8 I'd say that that is likely your problem.

if you downloaded it from anywhere but the main site, you will get no support because it's not an official release. If you're building your own from SVN, use the main branch and NOT the 0.9.8 branch as that is incomplete (it's where all the stable portions of the emu are going in preparation for an official 0.9.8 release in the coming month or so)
I agree with Koji, though this sounds slightly troubling.
There shouldn't be such a problem with /0.9.8 at this time.
My software centre found it during its normal update scan of all of my synaptic packages, I do not know what to say about that, sorry. Has no one else with Ubuntu 10.10 had this happen to them recently? I see it is released to some websites somehow, for instance: *removed* is one such location.
those are unofficial unsupported builds.
that's because there is a /0.9.8 branch, so some sites THINK the 0.9.8 is out already. it's still being worked on
The idea is the user is encouraged to test the SVN and report any problem is found. What the SVN user must not expect is being helped with that specific problem (it will be eventually but indirectly). The SVN user is there to help the developers, not to expect direct support.

So, at this time and even if is a real bug introduced in the last builds, it's only something the developers can solve. No suggestion is to be expected from the forum (and the forum user is not encouraged to provide support to unofficial builds), no workaround should be attempted. The central idea is to get things corrected, not dirtily patched.
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I'm testing the Linux build as well (Ubuntu 10.04), and it works for me.
Just hope it's a configuration problem or smth Tongue2
Wow 0.9.8? The Latest Current Version is 0.9.6!
(04-14-2011, 04:35 AM)Pogie4 Wrote: Wow 0.9.8? The Latest Current Version is 0.9.6!

Nope. 0.9.7
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