Is ayone else having this problem?
Is anyone having this problem?
[Image: PCSX2problem.jpg]
I dunno why but i cant even put it to start the plugins ><
Help pls; ;

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Yes,everyone why doesn't have the newest directx
No idea what that is, but maybe the plugins are corrupted... Try updating DirectX, graphics drivers...
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MB: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4

Looks like you didnt use the installer try installing these:
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Seems that is now working^^; it ws the directx - sorry for the delay on the answer but i was busy for a bit...
It found all the gsdx but now wont find the zero 1 lol but its ok ^^, ty for the assistence! Laugh
I had the same problem for the r1888 beta version within VMware, although 0.9.6 worked fine. DirectX was up-to date as well though. Might be a driver issue for the VMware SVGA. Oh well, who cares. Smile

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