Is it legal?
Is it legal to download a game if you own the original and ps2 but don't have a DVD drive in the computer.

I really want to play KH II but because of my stupid drives virus it won't let me access dvd/cd's.

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You have a virus on you computer which locks your dvd rom drive?

The legality of that idea differs depending in which country you live in.
We decided to go the safe route, and deem it illegal.
A more complete answer is... kinda. As Rama said, it depends on what country, and if in the US, state in which you live. The federal law is that you can "possess" one copy of a game that you own in a different format as an archive. Note that that means that you CANNOT have an .iso and a burned DVD of a game that you own unless you own 2 copies. In some states, the law is more restrictive and it only allows you to "make a backup copy" of a game that you own, prohibiting you from downloading one. If it IS legal to download the game where you live, you would also need to make sure that it's the *exact* ssame version of the game that you have, and that could be very difficult to discover before downloading it.

More importantly however, is that if you are caught downloading the game, even if it may be legal to do so, it could be a *huge* pain in the neck. Worst case scenario involves court, lawyer fees, and fines.

Bottom line is: It's not worth it. Instead, get rid of that damn virus Tongue
yes Liaster is right just get rid of that damn virus . i remember having myself a virus that didn't allow me to use the dvd rom but i got rid of it(wasn't very difficult) just a normal antivirus should do the trick Smile
If you download the iso via bittorrent or some other p2p client, you were also uploading the file as well, which is illegal virtually everywhere.
Going off topic a little but related to the thread but is there really any legal reasons to use a torrent? In my computer networking class we spent a few days talking about p2p vs client server downloads and obviously p2p is much faster because it is spread out over various peers and simultaneous downloading and seeding is much faster than putting strain on a server.

However the only reason I can think of to use a torrent is to download movies and games and software illegally. I know some small software companies could use torrents to distribute betas and the like to customers easier and quicker but other than that I can't think of a real legal reason to use a torrent.

Personally I don't trust p2p software especially torrents. That very word sounds bad. Like virus and trojan download central. Plus with the whole seeding and tracking thing I don't want a possibility of anyone trying to locate and find a back door to my computer and screw stuff up. I know the guy who invented the protocol for it is a genious but I still dont trust it.
There is a lot of legal ways to use torrents -- linux distributions are big, they faster to be downloaded by p2p. There also a bunch of free content (such as modern big demos) that better to be downloaded by such way. And if you afraid of viruses -- don't use Windows.
Also it is useful for anime fansubs for anime which isn't licensed in the US.
(09-11-2009, 06:51 PM)dralor Wrote: Also it is useful for anime fansubs for anime which isn't licensed in the US.

At least until someone decides to license it. Sometimes, fansub groups drop it as a sign of respect but some fansubs don't give a damn and continue fan subbing anyway even if it was licensed.
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NASA likes to release huge hi-res pics of the universe via torrents. Huge meaning 4+ gigs sometimes.
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