Is there any particular information about recording in...
1080p in the built in recorder?

I set a different harddrive as the destination for the video files, Recording gets me about 20 fps recording but i manage. however when i try to view the actual video in Vlc/MEdia player the video lags in that too.

Even in movie maker the video doesn't act like it should.

Is there a faq anywhere that explains perfect info on high def recording?
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I personally use Bandicam, just be aware that any HD recording is going to take a pretty hefty toll on your entire system. I have a hex core at 4.4ghz and I get slow downs just recording in 720p and x264 set to real time recording.
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Your 1080p movie lags after recording cause full hd uncompressed movie is way too big for normal hdd's to menage it and so it lags;]. If you encode it later or choose your preferred encoder during the recording(the list depend on what encoders you install in your system;p), it'll run just fine at full fps.
x264vfw is pretty damn good encoder for use with gsdx, with a silly hack to record only second frame it's also pretty light.;3

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