KH2FM Blurry Cutscenes.
I have been to Reddit, I've searched YouTube, and I've searched here. How do I fix the blurry/ ghosted cutscenes? 
My Specs:
CPU: i7-5820k
GPU: GTX 980

Gsdx settings:
Default Hardware
OpenGL (hardware)
Interlacing: Auto

8-bit enabled
Internal Resolution: 4x native
Texture Filtering: Bilnear (PS2)
Anisotropic Filtering: 16x
CRC Hack: Full
Hacks Enabled
Hardware Depth enabled
Accurate Data Enabled
Blending Unit: High
Shader Settings: FXAA enabled all else disabled.
HW hacks: Skipdraw 1 everything else is disabled.

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That's just the DoF. It's a cheap way of doing it on the PS2. That is a normal effect.

I got pics of it here.

Unfortunately, I tried solving it but no luck.

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