Kingdom Hearts 2 Cheats?
Hello everyone! I have the (NTSC) Version of kingdom hearts 2, and i was wondering if anyone had any cheats for them? I have checked the huge list of cheats that this site has and there's onl was loy a few cheats for the kingdom hearts sections, ioking to do some cool things to spice the game up a bit so if anyone has any suggestions or maybe they could donate their own .pnach file, that would be much appreciated. =)


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What kind of cheats are you looking.
Pretty much everything that isn't on the cheats list y'all have. If i had to list some i could think of..

--Have all items/unlimited
--All parts to the Gummy ships? Tongue2
--Maybe all the drive gauges/ unlimited of them.
--All Abilities you can use for all of the characters!
--Maybe a max level one, though i dunno if i'll use that.

I guess that's about all i can think of. If there's something else you could add feel free =)
That look like every possible cheat to me.
The site with tons of cheats is currently down
So use some of the existing cheats here

Or maybe those...the cheats are in raw format,no need to decrypt them,just put the codes you want to pnach

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Can i still comment the cheats i do not want out? Or do i have to manually just remove the one's i don't want?

Thanks for the help ! =)
Yes you can but it's a lot of work.
All good! You have given me the tools, i'll do the rest, thank you kind sir! =)


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