Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix MemCard failure?
I just recently reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled windows. I copied over the memcard and sstates folder because that is where my saves for kingdom hearts 2 final mix were. Now that i've reinstalled pcsx2, my game saves are no longer there. I dont know if im importing the mem cards in correctly. but regardless the message i get is  access denied to memory card. C:\users\blah blah blah\memcards\mcd001
the ps2-slot 0 has been automatically disabled. you can correct the problem and re-enable it at any time using config: memory cards. i cannot see any option in the memory card config that would fix this issue. please help!
posted here is a link to my memcard and save state folders for you to download to look at.

( i tried posting before, but it disapeared)

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The second card is not formatted but the first one contains save for KH(original and FM)and KH2FM.
Try running pcsx2 as administrator and check if Config=>Memory Cards is pointing to where the cards are
OHHH! Thank you so much vsub! i needed to run as admin, and click and drag the mem cards into place! you saved me from so much hair pulling! its working now!

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