Kingdom Hearts 2 GSdx (DX10) graphics issue
Hi everyone.

I have the latest PCSX2 beta, latest GSdx (the problem is present on the 30th December plugin pack version too, though, and all the versions prior, to my knowledge), am running Win7 x64 and have a Radeon HD4850 512MB. Now, when using the DX9 GSdx, KH2 runs just fine, but with some texture issues. With DX10 (Hardware), everything is perfect except what is shown in the attached screenshots. Those are completely messed up, and while I haven't bothered going into the main menu, I'm assuming it's similarly troubled. DX10 (Software) fixes it, but the slowdown is horrendous. A friend of mine has a similar PCSX2 configuration, but a newer, GeForce card, and DX10 (Hardware) runs the game perfectly for him.

So what I'm asking is, do you guys have any idea what might be causing this, or is it just an issue my video card apparently has with DX10 rendering?

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Disable Allow 8-bit texture
if i am not mistaken you should disable 8bit textures,
if that not helps then post your pc specs and all settings that will help us alot Smile

darn it vsub just got the answer earlier xD
Well, that's embarassing. I was convinced that I'd tried disabling it already, but I guess that must have been for another game. It worked, thank you very much. Smile

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