Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix *ARTIFACTS*
So, I recently downloaded PCSX2 1.6 (the second newest version, not ALPHA 1.7 cuz it's WAY buggy) for my Macbook Pro. The specs of my Macbook are as follows: Nvidia GeForce 330 Graphics Card, Quad-Core 1.7Gz processor, and 16 gigs of 1600 MHz DDR3 ram. Recently, I started playing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and everything worked like a charm. Well, almost everything. The game runs perfectly smooth at 58-60 fps, however I have encountered two problems:

1.) The audio has a .8 second delay, but that is bearable so I won't complain.

2.) There are striped lines (artifacts) in the background and on buildings. I have all of the default settings enabled, including "No Logarithmic Z". I tried the default PS2 resolution without any anti-aliasing or bilinear filtering, but it didn't change a thing. Currently, I am using the "ZZOgl pg" graphics plugin.

Now, what I want to know is: Do I need a different graphics plugin to run KH2FM properly? Is there some setting I need to turn on/off to remove the graphical artifacts? Or is PCSX2/ZZOgl just in such an early beta stage on Mac that Kingdom Hearts just doesn't render correctly?

Any advice is appreciated. If you absolutely need a screenshot in order to help me identify the problem, just lemme know.

Thanks in advance.

**EDIT** I decided to post a screenshot anyway. once again, any info you can provide is greatly appreciated.

**EDIT 2** Here's another screen shot of the same line-shaped artifacts in the sky. Also, notice my health bar. Why is it black when it's full? As soon as I lose health it goes back to normal and shows it green again. I feel as though these problems may all be linked somehow (excluding the sound issues).

**EDIT 3** I just had a VERY interesting realization. This may be key to uncovering the problem. The striped artifacts only occur when I am viewing them from a distance. As I move closer to them, they slowly fade/flicker and eventually disappear when I am literally right in front of them.


PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!! Okay, so PCSX2 1.7 Alpha is just wayyy too buggy. The sound plugins glitch and cause the entire interface to lag. I keep getting this "segmentation fault 11" error. It's a mess.

HOWEVER, I found that the graphics plugin for 1.7 Alpha is an updated version of "ZZOgl pg"! So, first I tried simply moving the updated version of ZZOgl to the previous version of PCSX2 (1.6), but it did not recognize the plugin. I then checked the plugins folder in 1.6 and noticed that all the plugins were listed as ".so" files while the plugins for 1.7 Alpha are listed as ".bundle" files. Finally, I simply renamed the updated ZZOgl graphics plugin's extension to ".so" and voila! Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix now runs flawlessly with no graphical errors at 60fps! I hope this new found info proves useful to anyone else encountering these issues!

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Holy cow, I love this discovery. I've been stuck with the crashing segmentations for a few days now.
This seems like a pretty useful tip, but they look identical to me in version and file size. I've renamed them and swapped them out and don't see any differences.

Did you toggle any settings (microVU vs. VUrec/SuperVU in the CPU box) after you swapped the plugins?

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